Thursday, June 15, 2017

Firstclass - The Gunner Remix - New Music From The CEO of Narcando Canada - Lyrics Included

New Music From The CEO of Narcando Canada

Firstclass - The Gunner Remix

The Gunner Remix By Firstclass 

Everybody wants that top spot nobody wants to fight for it 
Im rambo in the rainforest I want lambo with the suede doors
In camo with the blades crossed I told y’all my brains off 
Just a soldier from deep scarbs look closer you see scars 
Shoutout the city TDOT everybody knows how we rock 
fucking west ends like D-Block in the east side we bleed cops 
Fuck his family knee shots lean gwap nikes & reeboks 
Fitted hat low make you ease off 
you wouldn’t wanna be in my mind bruh
Ill massacre a rapper like micheal 
suicidal type the end of your life note 
fucking mind spun get it twisted like a gyro 
Still youngin on fire like pyro 
sorry hunny I ain’t singing on a high note 
Im bringing rap back 
now I laugh at everyone who never had my back 
bitch! you would die from my flashbacks 
Nightmares of a warrior & thats that 
gimme the cash to this rap shit im an asset 
mask on hunny empty out the basket 
cut once then we rap you up in plastic 
2 ropes tied knots tightly fasinned 
another inspired convict imagine 
Just out for my passion 
any opponent I will stab them, slash them 
fucking gun butt n blast them 
you dumb fucks what happen the mad kid 
I was born in disaster Ill slap a paster 
burn leaf in the page with jesuses passing 
fuck the passage don’t you motherfuckers get the message
you’ve unleashed the savage 
long sword my sworn advantage 
crush your wife you can keep your marriage 
Destin for a flight ibiza paris 
Ill spit until I fucking split my larynx
crystal lyrics you can hear it the feelings mirrored
it cant get much clearer Bitch I’ve been superior
Firstclass just a way of living 
Hunt your women so she can do my dishes 
a villain So fucking vicious dont ever push my limits
A reincarnated jimmy hendrix  
my buzz guarantee death in minutes
an addicted realist rap dealing 
wheel peeling store robbin civilian 
killing any motherfuker that be getting my way 
Middle finger to the undercover stepping in my face 
I never show fear if im dealing with the pigs 

cause We all bleed red & no knows their fate