Friday, January 13, 2017

How to maintain a successful blog? Read how I do it! By Firstclass4life

Write Engaging Content

Make sure you're readers are interested! Many people who own blogs or websites are under the assumption it's all about being cool & covered in media...That's wrong we enjoy engaging, informative & entertaining content just as much as scrolling through YouTube Video's

Have a profile so people know who you are

Pretty self-explanatory to have a page with contact information or a Google+ profile perhaps that links into the content you are putting out there for readers online. 

Make sure content is relevant (Don’t write old news)

Don't post fake or non-relevant information on the internet, just don't be one of those people. 

Keep it simple & clean (No one likes a site with too much going on)

Don't bomb your website with ads & flash media so it's hard to load. It's not cool it's annoying.

Have linked social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Instagram.

Get help from friends (Sharing or Word of mouth)

Cater to your audience (Stay with the subject of your blog Music, Tv Etc…)

Don't write food articles on a tech site. Apple doesn't sell Iphone's through Taco Bell it wouldn't make sense so stick with one specify category & roll with it.

Stay actively writing
    The most important! You want people to talk about your website/blog & come back but if there is never anything new on the site why would they? Stay actively posting!

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