Sunday, January 22, 2017

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Hey everyone, I am trying to build a contact list for the relaunch of Narcando when the site goes back up I'll have hundreds of new items from gaming hardware, fine jewelry, consumer electronics & more!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

How to maintain a successful blog? Read how I do it! By Firstclass4life

Write Engaging Content

Make sure you're readers are interested! Many people who own blogs or websites are under the assumption it's all about being cool & covered in media...That's wrong we enjoy engaging, informative & entertaining content just as much as scrolling through YouTube Video's

Have a profile so people know who you are

Pretty self-explanatory to have a page with contact information or a Google+ profile perhaps that links into the content you are putting out there for readers online. 

Make sure content is relevant (Don’t write old news)

Don't post fake or non-relevant information on the internet, just don't be one of those people. 

Keep it simple & clean (No one likes a site with too much going on)

Don't bomb your website with ads & flash media so it's hard to load. It's not cool it's annoying.

Have linked social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Instagram.

Get help from friends (Sharing or Word of mouth)

Cater to your audience (Stay with the subject of your blog Music, Tv Etc…)

Don't write food articles on a tech site. Apple doesn't sell Iphone's through Taco Bell it wouldn't make sense so stick with one specify category & roll with it.

Stay actively writing
    The most important! You want people to talk about your website/blog & come back but if there is never anything new on the site why would they? Stay actively posting!

    Narcando Blog: Why Do We Sell Pillows At Narcando Clothing?

    Narcando Blog: Why Do We Sell Pillows At Narcando Clothing?: Well in one simple word, Comfort! Nothing beats it when you come home & all you want is sleep, or maybe just watch tv & you have an ...

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    Tuesday, January 10, 2017

    Great Canadian Clothing - Made by Firstclass4life

    We pride ourselves in being Canadian eh! Thats why every design at Narcando is by some kind of enthusiastic Canadian weirdo! Top brand clothing? who's to decide trends anyways, wear what makes you happy & what makes you feel good! We have T-shirts, Hoodies, Pillows & even We are a different type of brand we like making people feel awkward when they look at the hoodie your wearing made by Narcando! Don't let people use & abuse you, you should use & abuse them by wearing sick clothing by Narcando!

    Firstclass4life is full out of the ordinary from post to designs just take a look at some of the stuff we have online here! Check some