Sunday, December 11, 2016

Unfortunately we are parting ways :(

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Tonight we reveal with deep sadness that will be parting ways with our partner domain! A great business already running we have done a lot to enhance SEO for the website itself.

Why sell the domain?

Well the reason is we are an Art focused community here at Firstclass4life & that had nothing to do with Travel!

The domain is now available on eBay for a starting bid of $5,000! Don't miss out on this one because prime domains are hard to come by, people are just buying & selling domains without adding substance to the online world we all know & love. will both a small start-up company or young entrepreneur looking for domain the chance to break in with high Google rankings & great SEO! Just check for yourself on Google, is #1 when you look it up! now its your chance to bring it to the top of travel ranking Internet-wide!

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