Saturday, November 19, 2016

Friday, November 18, 2016

[NEW MUSIC] Firstclass - Pimpin Hoes

Staying on top of my music & everything else I do including bringing to life can seem challenging at times, but truthfully once you find something you love the challenge is just reason to push harder!

Here's my newest track Firstclass - Pimpin Hoes

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Here's a look at some items by Firstclass4life available exclusively at

Working closely with a new Canadian brand was another achievement for us to mark off here at Firstclass4life. With so many new brands an labels coming out I truly wanted to focus on abstract & different styled designs that really stand out, while everyone of course is trying to do the same I mean it in a different way entirely.

Firstly I was focused Firstclass4life of course, here' a few designs from my personal Firstclass4life Collabo Collection. Each item carefully designed by myself @realfirstclass_ representing a different part of my life. The items below are a representation for my love of art.
Firstclass4life PAINT T-shirt
Firstclass4life PAINT T-shirt
Firstclass4life PAINT T-shirt
Firstclass4life PAINT T-shirt
Firstclass4life PAINT Leggings
Firstclass4life PAINT Leggings
Firstclass4life PAINT Leggings
Firstclass4life PAINT Leggings

Visit for many more amazing designs from Canadians! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Narcando is officially open!! Hurry & use our 25% Promo code "NARCANDOOPEN" at the end of your order!!

Over 100 Pairs of Leggings site wide!! 


Friday, November 11, 2016

Hard Working Canadian's

Well the USA might be in a total scramble with their new president Donald Trump, we Canadian's are also quite worried since it may not directly affect us now but the future doesn't seem quite prominent for anyone not of American blood. While that shit storm is happening down south, here in Canada I been hard at work putting my new brand together & quite honestly not letting politics interfere with what my future possesses. Frankly, I believe our Prime Minister was elected based on a simple promise of making Marijuana legal, but living in Toronto & first hand watching how many dispensaries are being "regulated" & illegally raided by police I figure its time to accept how commercialized, corrupt & degraded our government has become.

So? what now? I am not about to start a revolution but I believe expression is key! Firstclass4life has been working closely with Narcando an upcoming clothing line with many Abstract & Uniquely created designs. Heres the thing, every piece of clothing will be made by Canadian artist that aren't fortune it enough to begin their own business them selfs. Maybe they don't have the funds, time or experience to do so. What we have in mind is too help each other out, Simple! Want to turn your small idea into magic?

Here's How!

Narcando will open officially in 4 days on Nov 15th, once it does visit the site & shoot us a message with contact details & within 48 hours we will be in contact. Soon after, your designs will exclusively be on the Narcando website for the world to see, shop & share! So simple right? It truly is.


For 15 days only Narcando will be offering 25% off storewide for their grand opening! Remember this is real exclusive ART!! Just use the promotional code below!