Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Dirtiest Way To Smoke [SEE VIDEO]

I know there are some sick ways people smoke weed these days & they are mixing it will all different shit just to get higher, this influence will ruin cannabis smoking for all if it continues so heres a quick educational video to raise some awareness on one of the ways I use to smoke that is highly addictive. I recommend to anyone who either smokes Poppers (pops, rips, p's etc...) to stop now before your diagnosed with either CPOD, Pulmonary Pneumonia or even Lung Cancer.

Simple explanation of what a popper is, basically you take a regular weed shaft stuff a piece of cigarette into the shaft & add some weed on top. This will deliver one hell of a rush & will become highly addictive, worse then just smoking a cigarette because chances are you'll be smoking both Poppers & Cigarettes!

Picture by
Picture by

Check out my video below & mind the hair I just woke up. Also I am up in Canada this wake N bake got me feeling great haha ;)

Pictures are credit to some idiot at who likes bashing Northern Ontario, See his article somewhere on the internet because we sure the fuck wont share FIRSTCLASS4LIFE

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