Thursday, July 21, 2016

Are you in the HipHop industry & looking for free promotion? Click Here!

Firstclass4life is ready to feature YOU in the come up section on our site!!!

We just reached 25k in views last month & were looking double that HENCE the reason we started this shit to begin, for HipHop & Underground HipHop heads.


So check out how it works 100% free, I mean that. 

Type in your address bar.

Scroll down the page & fill out the contact form. Make sure to included your come up story & any links to videos, portfolios or pages (Facebook, Instagram) 

3rd & Final step: Hit Send & Your Done! 

Within 24-48 hours after submission you’ll have your own Come Up story Live & start getting your free promo on 

You don’t need money to get your name out there, you just need the right people.

No Bullshit, No Money Hungry Fucks, Just HipHop

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