Monday, November 9, 2015

Help Ammie Studd - Brain Surgery Fund, See Her Story Here!

My cousin Ammie Studd is in desperate need of everyones help! The mother of two need's brain surgery please read her story below & HELP FUND AIMEE STUDD HERE!

I need your help! Please read my story and consider donating.
After 3 years of headaches and misdiagnosis it was found that I had a tumor in my brain, more specifically they called it a Pineal Gland Tumor. During this time I almost died due to a buildup of spinal fluid that was being blocked by the tumor I had growing in my brain.

Dr. Hryar Shahinian, a physician in the U.S. who performs new endoscopic procedures at the Skull Base Institute, saved my life. I had just started contact with him and sent him my scans when he alerted me to the buildup. I was scheduled to wait months down the road for a follow up here in Canada but had me go to Toronto Western immediately to have the pressure released.
They decided, without realizing the consequences, to do a biopsy at this time as well. Dr. Shahinian tried to warn them NOT to do this. Unfortunately everything was going so fast that I wasn't in a state to communicate to the Canadian doctors his warning. It all just happened too quickly. While it saved my life in the moment, it will have dire consequences for me years down the road.

Once the pressure was released we were able to cash in anything and everything that we owned to have Dr. Shahinian do his endoscopic surgery to remove the tumor. It was an amazing success.
Which brings us to today, 4 years later. I have a new tumor threatening to take my life. This tumor started to form the moment they took the biopsy. It rooted itself in a place just beside where the original tumor was removed. It is now called a Third Ventricle tumor.

It's like I've gone back in time to the scariest/hardest moment in my family's life. No one should have to go through such a thing once and twice is akin to torture.
No surgery is offered to me here in Canada once again and radiation is experimental with a very poor prognosis.

I have two handsome amazing boys who I cherish deeply. I worry for their future and can't imagine not being there for it. I want to see their lives emerge and be present for it. I grieve for my amazingly strong husband and the thoughts of being without him are unbearable.
I'm not ready to leave them... and this tumor just keeps on growing.

My only option is to raise money for this surgery with Dr. Shahinian. He is truly my only hope. Without this I will die and it's not time yet. I want to be at my boys weddings and grow old with my husband and become a Grandparent. This can happen, I know it can, I just need to rely on the help of my community, local and global.
You can literally save my life today. Please help me to reach my goal amount.

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