Friday, August 7, 2015


So recently I discovered how to turn my panoramic photos I took with my Iphone 5s & Iphone 6 cameras & turned them into mini planet photo's as see below.

Each photo was rendered into such a way with Adobe Photoshop of course, the first one above is my neighbourhood in Scarborough (Gerrard East).

If you follow my blog you know I enjoy taking photo's of Urban Toronto the art & structures around the city. In one of my previous articles I posted "Hard To Believe I Took These With My Iphone 5s" I explained how I will forever think highly of Apple because of the camera quality on their portable devices & their image processing software's just seem much better on Mac.

In the article I also posted some very amazing shots I took down at the bottom of the Scarborough Bluffs with my Iphone 5s, one of them was a picture of Lake Ontario that turned out absolutely amazing.(see the article here)

Like any photographer I took many pictures that I did not post here, they could have been on my Instagram @realfirstclass but tons of them don't make it up because I focus primarily on the  art of HipHop & my music. But I decided to take the panoramic pic below & morph it into what looks to me like a small Planet Earth!

Panoramic Photo of Lake Ontario By: Firstclass4life Media 

The above photo is the Panoramic photo taken by the Iphone 5s & Below is the Mini Planet Photoshop edit in Colour also in Black & White, both photo's are different edit's though can you tell the difference?

Scarborough Bluffs Toronto Ontario Photo By: Firstclass4life Media

Scarborough Bluffs Black & White , Toronto Ontario Photo By: Firstclass4life Media
If you want to see some more of my Photography & follow some of the crazy shots I capture all around Toronto you can follow my Instagram or Twitter for the most up to date work i've released. Everything you wanna see is @realfirstclass_.

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