Thursday, July 30, 2015

Firstclass - Random Barz - New Music Toronto

This is my new freestyle hope everyone enjoys it!

Me fucking around on this new beat I stumbled upon, figured id shoot a quick video to it while I was dicking around. Have a good laugh & let me know what you think!

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Drake About To Do What Eminem Did To JaRule?

Well the rap world evolves each day so does the beef that will forever surround the culture, mind you its getting less & less violent as mentioned by OVO leader Drake in his new song "Back to Back" where he fires shots towards Philadelphia's Meek Mill.

Now everyone knows that rap has always had a violent side too it, think of Pac & Biggie or JaRule & Eminem in both of these situations someone either died or their career did. JaRule hasn't had an official hit album in about 10 years & at this rate Meek is headed in the same direction if he doesn't respond to Drizzy soon.

Take a listen to the new "Back to Back" freestyle as Drake disses Meek Mill for a second time.

Being from Toronto & a fan of the hometown boy Drake its clearly seen by his numbers in the rap game comparing to Meek Mills that his fan base might just be too much for the Philly boy to get back at.

By : Firstclass