Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hard To Believe I Took These With My Iphone 5s

I always heard a lot of talk about Iphone having the best camera. Well take it from me i've had Multiple Blackberry's & Android's smartphones and NONE of them compare to the quality of the Iphone, each picture below was taken by me, with my Iphone 5s and edited with it as well running on IOS 8.3 check it out for yourself. All shots in Toronto, No third party apps used.
Back of My Building in Scarborough ON,
As much as most might think paradise is only found down south sometimes its right at home.
Scarborough Bluffs, Lake Ontario

Building Steps 

Lawrence East, RT Station - Scarborough

CN Tower 

FirstClasss - Old School

Back of My Building in Scarborough ON,

Midland RT Station, Scarborough ON

Leave It To Beaver 

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