Sunday, April 5, 2015

Day 1 - Skating around T.O - Toronto Street Art Showcases all aspects of Hip-Hop, Crazy Graphics & Tons Of other weird shit all over the internet. I decided to take some time to enjoy the somewhat decent weather we've had in Toronto lately and skateboard around the city, But for good reason im doing this to capture the amazing Graffiti we have around. Take at some shots from Day 1.

Leaving My Building, Before Day 1 Travels With My
World Industries Complete Skateboard. 

Farrari Mechanic - Gerrard St E

Hip Hop Cat Graffiti Kingston rd & Victoria Park
Beside Pizza Pizza 

Washer Graffiti Queen St E & Victoria Park

Washer Graffiti Queen St E & Victoria Park

Graffiti Queen St E & Victoria Park

The Boardwalk Steps

After Skateboarding along the boarder of Scarborough & East York I decided to take a turn down towards the Beaches. This was Around March 17th 2015, it was a very calm morning at around 3pm.

Beaches Park

Lake Ontario

Kew Beach Boardwalk

Queen St E Graffiti - JARO

Queen St E Graffiti - JARO

Queen St E Graffiti - JARO

I Always Love Smaller Tags - Hollis Ave 

Back Home 

After a Long Exhausting skateboard back to civilization up the steep hills in the Neville Park area I finally made it home. Stay Tuned for Day 2, If you would like your Graffiti Showcased on   WWW.FIRSTCLASS4LIFE.COM Hit Up My Instagram @THEKEMISS

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