Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Raymond Jones from Hotstylz's is suing Eminem for $8 million .

A couple months after speaking about the issue , member of the Chicago Hip Hop group Hotstylz has filed a lawsuit against Eminem and Shady Records over what he claims is an uncleared sample of the group's 2007 track "Lookin Boy" on the emcee's 2013 hit "Rap God."
Raymond Jones, one third of the trio Hotstylz, is reportedly suing Eminem and his label for $8 million over the sample clearance issue according to TMZTMZ put together a short video clip comparing a 25-second portion of "Rap God" to the original Hotstylz record from which it borrows heavily.
Will Raymond Jones win the lawsuit for what he says is a sample of "Lookin Boy" on "Rap God" I guess we will find out, stay tuned for more details.
Watch video for comparison below:

 The portion accused of being copied starts at: 2:16
In November Raymond Jones stated in an interview with XXL Magazine
"At first we was like, 'Aight, cool,' but at the same time, we was like, 'Fuck Eminem,' because he didn’t reach out to us," Jones said of Eminem lifting their "Lookin Boy" flow. "He took so much of the record. That just don’t sit right with us. The thing is they used so much of the song, he could have reached out. He could have reached out to us directly. He could have found a way to reach out to us through some kind of channel. We just addressed that issue on a song called 'Rap Fraud.' We addressed how we felt about it."

See Hotstylz "Lookin Boy" video here:


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