Friday, January 9, 2015

Is Snoop Dogg Being Sued Over Instagram Post?

Pretty sure if you have Snoop Dogg on your Instagram you can see he is not shy about posting hillarious Memes, but did he take it too far this time?

In the below picture is Cortez Booze a Maryland man that recently is getting his 15 minutes of fame thanks to good old Snoop "doggy" Dogg. Fame clearly is not what Booze is looking for, after the Instagram post TMZ got in touch with Booze and he said that the picture caused people to throw a slew of hateful slurs at him on IG, including shemale, ugly, f—-t and punk among other things.

but what did Snoop say? See Below:

 “Whose auntcle is this?”
Because Booze feels like he is being "gay bashed" he requested for the photo to be removed and reported it but its still up.

Booze has hired a lawyer and plans to take the Dogg to court.

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