Saturday, December 5, 2015


As most know Miami Rapper Stitches & Compton's The Game have been going at it for a few months now in a series of Instagram post & Stiches even made a legit diss track to the California legend. The result of trash talk ended up in The Game's favor last night when his manager Wack 100 (who later got tazed & arrested as well) knocked Stiches out cold.  See the video via TMZ below!

Right/Stiches - Left The Game

See How I Turned My Logo Into A Live GIF Image!

So a while back I discovered how to make GIF images with Photoshop CS6, some of you may have seen my first animation (click here or view below) I did all hand drawn with just a pencil & paper. But this tome I decided to do it a little more graphic design like, so I used a combination of Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. Illustrator was used to creat the vector images that were later transfer over to Photoshop where I could use the Timeline feature & combine all 62 images to create this short GIF. 

See My First Animation Below!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

10 Hip Hop Songs That Should End Depression

we have all had our own personal problems in life & for the most part we use music as our escape, Today I decided to post a few tracks that helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life I hope they do the same for some of you who listen. There are many more I know this feel free to comment some I should add!!

Machine Gun Kelly - Chasing Pavements 

Tupac - Dear Mama

Eminem - Till I Collapse 

DJ Khaled - All I Do Is Win (Remix)

NAS Ft keri Hilson - Hero

Lil Wayne Ft Eminem - Drop The World 

Cassidy - I'm A Hustla

Biggie Ft Puff Daddy, Busta Rhymes - Victory

Jay Z Ft Linkin Park - Encore/Numb

Eminem - Lose Yourself 

Monday, November 30, 2015

50 Cent Talks Release OF New Mixtape "The Kanan Tape" & Announces "Reloaded" Mixtape

The name is known by all, 50 Cent. The get rich or die tryin rapper has been hard at work lately with his recent bankruptcy, continuing beef with multiple industry artist & actresses like Rick Ross & Vivica A.Fox but thats not it he's also been hard at work with the thing that made him who he is, the music.

In recent hip hop 50 Cent sat down with DJ Whoo Kid & discussed his most recent mixtape "The Kanan Tape" which was supposed to be released Thanksgiving (November 26th) however it was delayed & anticipates being released soon as said by 50 himself  "it gonna come first week of December"

Check out the full interview below!

Marvel Will Release Free Reprints Of Hip-Hop Comics

If your a fan of Hip-Hop & Marvel Comics well you've reached the right place! Recently circulating on the web & posted in an online article by the New York Times Marvel announced they will be releasing free reprints of their Hip-Hop homage covers. Some of the following covers will include Jay Z & Black Panther, LL Cool J & The Punisher, Missy Elliot & Black Widow,Howard The Duck & Old Dirty Bastard, Vanilla Ice & Deadpool (View Some Pictures Below or See All Pics Here). 

Old Dirty Bastard/Howard The Duck - Marvel Hip Hop Covers

Jay Z/Black Panther - Marvel Hip Hop Covers
"The Hip Hop variants were a really special initiative that caught fire in the outside world," Said Alex Alanso the editor in chief at Marvel. "We thought this was a great opportunity to highlight that and make it available to fans for free"

See More Covers Below

LL Cool J/The Punisher - Marvel Hip Hop Covers

Missy Elliot/Black Widow - Marvel Hip Hop Covers

Vanilla Ice/Deadpool - Marvel Hip Hop Covers
See the full story covered by the New York Times Here!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fabolous - The Plug [NEW MUSIC]

This is one of the the most underrated rappers in the industry to date, Fabolous back with another banger this time he took a dope trip to medellin living like Pablo Escobar him self & dropping many refrences to the Netflix Original Series Narco's. Check the video out below!!

MF Doom Updates Fans From Remote Island

Check out this new video rapper MF Doom gives update on new music coming all this from a remote island somewhere in Cuba, guess he's trying out the life of Tupac or Biggie


Here at Firstclass4life we have decided to start selling Art see some of the most recent listings below!


Or Visit the Art For Sale Page For More

Walter White From Breaking Bad - SOLD

Goku by Shayne Logan - Available

Dr.Jekyll by Shayne Logan - Available

John Lennon by Shayne Logan - Available

Naughty Mario & Princess Peach by Shayne Logan - Available

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Weeknd - The Hills Ft Eminem [NEW MUSIC]

Another Dope Remix By The Weeknd The Hills Ft Eminem

Friday, November 27, 2015

Original Hand Drawing Of Naughty Mario & Princess Peach For Sale Now!!

There is only 1 available all my drawings are unique & delivered on time with your very own Firstclass4life sticker for proof of your support! 

Naughty Mario & Princess Peach - Pencil Art by Shayne Logan

Original Hand Drawing Of Dr Jekyll For Sale!!!

There is only 1 available all my drawings are unique & delivered on time with your very own Firstclass4life sticker for proof of your support! 


Dr.Jekyll - Pencil Art by Shayne Logan

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Original Hand Drawing Of John Lennon For Sale!!

There is only 1 available all my drawings are unique & delivered on time with your very own Firstclass4life sticker for proof of your support! 


John Lennon - Imagine by Shayne Logan

Kevin Gates - Paper Chasers (Official Music Video)

Original Hand Drawing Of Goku From DragonBall Z Is For Sale!!

There is only 1 available all my drawings are unique & delivered on time with your very own Firstclass4life sticker for proof of your support!


Goku by Shayne Logan

4 New Listing At Firstclass4life's Art Store!!

As some probably know we now have a page where you can buy unique art. The owner & author myself Shayne "Firstclass" Logan am selling real hand drawn pencil sketches, one has already sold view the previous post if you'd like at Original Hand Drawing Of Walter White. All of the drawings have a starting bid of $0.99.

Buy your own one of a kind drawing today, just click below!
Dr.Jekyll - Art by Shayne Logan

Goku - Art by Shayne Logan

John Lennon - Art by Shayne Logan

Naughty Mario & Princess Peach - Art by Shayne Logan
All of the drawings are original & only 1 is made. Shipping to U.S & Canada available see all of the art listings on ebay & support Firstclass4life.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Now We Sell Art!!!

Recently I sold my original hand drawing of AMC's Walter White for a whooping total cost of $1.25, I know right, baller status. Now it may not seem like much but essentially one of my fans bought my Art & will have it in their possession maybe frames & on their wall in the next weeks too come, that to me is huge.

In spirit of my recently sold piece I have decided to sell some more of my Art, See this new addition to Firstclass4life at our Art For Sale page!!

If you are interested in using Firstclass4life to sell your own Art reach out to head blogger & owner Shayne Logan at

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Original Hand Drawing Of Walter White From Breaking Bad First Bid Placed!!!! [SOLD]




To everyone that follow's Firstclass4life & enjoys the art I post I'd like to say, Thank You! Without your support I wouldn't do what I do!

On a side note, I recently posted my hand drawing of AMC's one and Only Heisenberg A.K.A Walter White on Ebay at a starting bid of $0.99 & the first bid is now placed!!! Only 3 days left before its gone. Hurry Now Before Its Gone!!!!


Original hand drawn pencil Art of Walter White by Shayne Logan

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Original Hand Drawing Of Walter White From AMC's Original Series Breaking Bad Up For Auction!

Today I decided to list some of my art, for a limited time im going to auction off some of my hand drawings all done in pencil on Ebay. All drawings will have a starting price of $0.99 so get in there quick for your exclusive drawing done by HipHop Artist Firstclass himself. Each drawing comes packaged with your own Firstclass4life sticker to show proof your part of the movement.

Original Hand Drawing
Fan Photo Of Sticker

Monday, November 9, 2015

Help Ammie Studd - Brain Surgery Fund, See Her Story Here!

My cousin Ammie Studd is in desperate need of everyones help! The mother of two need's brain surgery please read her story below & HELP FUND AIMEE STUDD HERE!

I need your help! Please read my story and consider donating.
After 3 years of headaches and misdiagnosis it was found that I had a tumor in my brain, more specifically they called it a Pineal Gland Tumor. During this time I almost died due to a buildup of spinal fluid that was being blocked by the tumor I had growing in my brain.

Dr. Hryar Shahinian, a physician in the U.S. who performs new endoscopic procedures at the Skull Base Institute, saved my life. I had just started contact with him and sent him my scans when he alerted me to the buildup. I was scheduled to wait months down the road for a follow up here in Canada but had me go to Toronto Western immediately to have the pressure released.
They decided, without realizing the consequences, to do a biopsy at this time as well. Dr. Shahinian tried to warn them NOT to do this. Unfortunately everything was going so fast that I wasn't in a state to communicate to the Canadian doctors his warning. It all just happened too quickly. While it saved my life in the moment, it will have dire consequences for me years down the road.

Once the pressure was released we were able to cash in anything and everything that we owned to have Dr. Shahinian do his endoscopic surgery to remove the tumor. It was an amazing success.
Which brings us to today, 4 years later. I have a new tumor threatening to take my life. This tumor started to form the moment they took the biopsy. It rooted itself in a place just beside where the original tumor was removed. It is now called a Third Ventricle tumor.

It's like I've gone back in time to the scariest/hardest moment in my family's life. No one should have to go through such a thing once and twice is akin to torture.
No surgery is offered to me here in Canada once again and radiation is experimental with a very poor prognosis.

I have two handsome amazing boys who I cherish deeply. I worry for their future and can't imagine not being there for it. I want to see their lives emerge and be present for it. I grieve for my amazingly strong husband and the thoughts of being without him are unbearable.
I'm not ready to leave them... and this tumor just keeps on growing.

My only option is to raise money for this surgery with Dr. Shahinian. He is truly my only hope. Without this I will die and it's not time yet. I want to be at my boys weddings and grow old with my husband and become a Grandparent. This can happen, I know it can, I just need to rely on the help of my community, local and global.
You can literally save my life today. Please help me to reach my goal amount.

You can follow the updates here! FACEBOOK


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Invite Your Friends To Follow Firstclass4life On Social Media!!

You can follow all of the interesting things Firstclass4life post across just about every social media platform!! He promote's New Music, All Forms of Art & Some of the funny & crazy shit in the world. This is #Firstclass4life & He want's you to follow & invite all of your friends to do the same!!

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MGK Drop's New Video - Machine Gun Kelly - World Series [NEW VIDEO]


Saturday, October 24, 2015

New Designs By: Shayne Logan

A Toronto entrepreneur who doesn't let himself go. This is how I try to describe myself, because the fact is everyone says im crazy. Maybe so, but the craziest people in the world are the most creative. I started getting into design at such a young age when I would alter colouring book images and turn them into something magical.

Now I have of course grown up and don't dabble in colouring books anymore but still I learned to appreciate all forms of art, in specific HipHop, Street Art & Graphic design. I think that might be the main reason I started this blog was to give myself something to work for thats mine and start building a platform to do so.

I started studying digital graphic design here in Toronto at Seneca College (Amazing School) so I could familiarize myself with the Adobe Creative Suite and in doing so I became very good at manipulating images through Photoshop and also making vector images from scratch in Adobe illustrator. If you take a look at any Logo on this site currently that say Firstclass they are my very first Logo designs i've created.

Here in this post are a couple new logo's replacing the old ones, as well there are some of my Photoshop edits I have done. Enjoy!