Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cassidy Vs Dizaster is "Very debatable" battle according to Lush One Via Battlerap.com

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With the Dizaster Vs Cassidy battle ending a total disaster itself, the night ended after the two veterans spit their first round because the event got shut down due too crown and entourage problems. This didnt prevent the battle from happening though, the Fresh Coast, KOTD and Etv powered by Filmon staff pulled through the following day with a ramatch in a local beverly hills car garage.

Watching Cassidy dig his own grave the first night (December 6th) by rapping past the time limits and having mediocre barz and Dizaster barely getting his rhymes out due to Cassidy's entourage booing, you can bet the rematch was highly anticipated.

After day two's (December 7th) rematch viewers who tuned into this battle would be in for a surprise. With the event being switched to a Beverly Hills car garage they really brought battle rap to its natural form. A face to face battle in a smaller venu causing it too get much more personal.

When the battle was finished battlerap.com caught up with Lush One to get his insight on the match. See full story by clicking on post title.

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