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Case Close- The come up

Everyone has dreams and aspirations of being successful in their own way, today we take a look at the HipHop industry and the prominent come up of Toronto's new HipHop artist Case Closed. In an industry that was once dominated by black culture, HipHop in the world today has changed for the better in every aspect, with no limitations on race, age or style today's society has officially accepted just about anyone to the industry, but was it actually for the better?

In most cases it seems all you need is a catchy hit and you could be the next soulja boy or Mims (they cant rap for shit), but what about the artist who actually put in work and dont get the exposure and credit they deserve.

HipHop was once focused around the artist, the talent of writing poetic lyrics and diverse metaphores that made you think. Not focused around one catchy song that is made by an artist who cant even write lyrics, I would'nt even say artist lets call them industry thief's since they steal oppurtunity from actual lyricist.

I want to shed some light on artist who are well underated with not enough exposure and deserve the credit. The ones who have something to prove and actually have music worth listening too, the HipHop heads who started on street corners battling and door steps cyphering.

Lets get started with my homie Case Closed. Coming out of the projects of Rexdale, Toronto rapper CaseClosed is a guy who has been hard at work with no delay, with smashing victory's and body's just piling up behind him, hes deffinetly no slouch.

His first battle was set in a KOTD (King Of The Dot) prove yo self match against OneTwentySix. Battling under his childhood nick name Rex, an unworthy opponent who in the end would get 3-0'ed even with a slight slip up in the first round Case would prevale as the winner.

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With the victory in Calgary at KOTD's prove yourself battle Case continued to make a movement, about one year later he would make his debut in a local Toronto rap battle league, BeastMode. His first match set to battle BeastMode's Jay-R, being more of a match suitable to Case based on both MC's style's, this was a highly anticipated battle for him and boy did it ever come out. I had the oppurtunity to attend this devastation, with references to dig up Jay R's recently deceased mother and and high levels of agression Case Closed easily won over the crowd and added another name to his body count.

After body bagging Jay R, Case Closed was asked too come back and battle in BeastMode again this time facing Moosolini. This battle never happened because Moosolini no showed, after the Jay R massacre can you really blame him?

The next card Case Closed was placed on in BeastMode he was set to face Kdot Odot. This match was pretty interesting to watch Kdot's skill level was more up to par with Case, I wont lie he does have bars but thats not all thats required when battling. If your lacking delivery your bars are about as usefull as a snowblower in the middle of summer, totally fucking useless and this is exactly what happens in Kdots round as he chokes. Choking is not always the determining factor in winning a battle but if your not meeting the standards your oponent is lyrically, and on top of that you choke...well its safe to say another body for the list.

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With a soring victory against Kdot case was back just a couple months later to battle BeastMode's Reeality. This match was deffinetly a challenge for Case since Reeality is no novice to this shit, making what seemed to be at the time one of his harder battles. Even being a new challenge, with a 2-1 decision Case Closed took it again.\

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Body after body adding up on his list Case Closed is aiming for a title shot in BeastMode and being one of their fastest rising MC's, Case finally was given a real Veteren in battle rap. Going back to the days of GrindTime (before it burried itself) there were actually decent battle rappers, one in specific goes by the name of Complex, when Case got this match up he knew that this was going to be a big one and he came well prepared for it none the less.

This was a promo battle for the fans to choose the winner, to each his own I guess, 2-1 Case.

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Proving himself again and again in the league Case Closed got his next match against DOUMZ, who was the former Belt/Title holder but lost it right before Case got his shot. In this match Case wins by default since DOUMZ stumbled and choked, not taking away from his lyrics or preformance since DOUMZ held the title longer then anyone in any league with a title, but as I said before lack of delivery and forgetting your bars...might as well have zipped up your own body bag.

Check out the footage on YouTube
(technical issues when trying to post the clip follow the link below the picture for footage)

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After 5 wins in Toronto Case was headed back out West to handle personal issues but this did'nt stop his path of destruction. His next battle was back on a KOTD prove yo self , being the second time around in KOTD but this time as a BeastMode veteran Case went in to make a statement and that he did. Case Closed faced off against Troublez the Western native, with a slip up on Case's part it was a 2-1 still, sometimes your barz will save you if your oponent doesnt match your level.

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After the loss of his cousin Case headed back to Toronto for the funeral, while back home you can almost bet he went back to work with a hunger never before seen from him. Following up his win against Troublez, Case was set up to battle Rob Whiskey in another league GOT BARS? Whiskey who is an MC that has been around since the early KOTD days and also a BeastMode vet. This battle was promo and co-hosted by Dizaster himself.

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The last battle being promo Case was set to find another judged battle, headed back to beast mode laid out for him next was Bulle. Bulle is one of the first MC's to battle in BeastMode, known for intimidaing his oponents (as you can imagine by his name) and his hard agression case knew this match would get interesting since they both come from similar lifestyles. With one of the most amazing preformances to date, no body either way, Case bullied the Bulle and came out with the W.

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Now the most recent battle out from Case Closed is back in BeastMode versus up and coming Nefarious. Before we go forward im gonna shout out Nef because the kid is a beast with fast paced lyricism, agression and delivery he's deffinetly someone to keep an eye out for, but even with all three of those abilities in check it still was'nt enough. The winner was Case Closed!

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With ten battles under his belt now id say its about time he got his big shot no matter the league this guys a problem. Case Closed is a monster on the loose in the battle rap world, make sure you keep an eye open for his next battle TBA. With the days moving forward and everyone getting older by the second, dont ever let your shot get away and remember....Practice always makes perfect.


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