Friday, December 12, 2014

Young Jeezy felony gun charges dismissed

Young Jeezy felony gun charges dismissed

On August 24th 2014 in Irving, California Celebrity rapper Young Jeezy was apprehended by police and was facing felony gun charges after police found an assault rifle in Jeezy's tour bus.

Yesterday in Orange County, a district attorney has dismissed all of the charges Jeezy released a statement regarding this.

“I pray this had nothing to do with race but it definitely had nothing to do with evidence" &

"Words cannot express how vindicated I feel with these charges being dismissed today. While my team and I always knew that the allegations and charges were based on zero facts, the rush to judgment by both the media and the police has been extremely disappointing. I'm relieved that the truth has ultimately prevailed and I would like to thank those who have always stood by me including my family and fans.”

An unknown source has informed MTV that police searched the tour bus without a warrant and the fire arms seized by police had to be later returned after realizing Jeezy was the lawful owner.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Head coach of the Ottawa Senators Paul MacLean fired Via

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Jonah Hill raps and Scarlett Sing At 'Vice' Party Via

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Cassidy Vs Dizaster is "Very debatable" battle according to Lush One Via

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With the Dizaster Vs Cassidy battle ending a total disaster itself, the night ended after the two veterans spit their first round because the event got shut down due too crown and entourage problems. This didnt prevent the battle from happening though, the Fresh Coast, KOTD and Etv powered by Filmon staff pulled through the following day with a ramatch in a local beverly hills car garage.

Watching Cassidy dig his own grave the first night (December 6th) by rapping past the time limits and having mediocre barz and Dizaster barely getting his rhymes out due to Cassidy's entourage booing, you can bet the rematch was highly anticipated.

After day two's (December 7th) rematch viewers who tuned into this battle would be in for a surprise. With the event being switched to a Beverly Hills car garage they really brought battle rap to its natural form. A face to face battle in a smaller venu causing it too get much more personal.

When the battle was finished caught up with Lush One to get his insight on the match. See full story by clicking on post title.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Drake and P Diddy get into fight after DJ Khaled's birthday party at local Miami club Via

Drake and P Diddy get into fight after DJ Khaled's birthday party at local Miami club Via

Case Close- The come up

Everyone has dreams and aspirations of being successful in their own way, today we take a look at the HipHop industry and the prominent come up of Toronto's new HipHop artist Case Closed. In an industry that was once dominated by black culture, HipHop in the world today has changed for the better in every aspect, with no limitations on race, age or style today's society has officially accepted just about anyone to the industry, but was it actually for the better?

In most cases it seems all you need is a catchy hit and you could be the next soulja boy or Mims (they cant rap for shit), but what about the artist who actually put in work and dont get the exposure and credit they deserve.

HipHop was once focused around the artist, the talent of writing poetic lyrics and diverse metaphores that made you think. Not focused around one catchy song that is made by an artist who cant even write lyrics, I would'nt even say artist lets call them industry thief's since they steal oppurtunity from actual lyricist.

I want to shed some light on artist who are well underated with not enough exposure and deserve the credit. The ones who have something to prove and actually have music worth listening too, the HipHop heads who started on street corners battling and door steps cyphering.

Lets get started with my homie Case Closed. Coming out of the projects of Rexdale, Toronto rapper CaseClosed is a guy who has been hard at work with no delay, with smashing victory's and body's just piling up behind him, hes deffinetly no slouch.